Pioneering drone and cloud solutions for the 21st Century

Aquiline Drones Corporation (AD) is of undeniable aviation pedigree – founded and managed by veteran aviation and aerospace professionals. AD is an all-American drone and cloud technology company built to exceed the demands of the global drone marketplace. AD offers drone pilot training, drone production and maintenance, cloud and IoT solutions , AI capabilities and the novel Aquiline Drone-on-Demand job curation app.

These offerings are centrally managed through AD Cloud and offer a full spectrum of capabilities applicable across a wide range of industries and environments.

Who We Are

Aquiline Drones is founded by highly experienced aviators, systems engineers and IT gurus. This combination, coupled with an unwavering vision of how we see the future of unmanned aviation positions us uniquely in this bourgeoning industry. With a customer centric model, US-based manufacturing and world-class MRO services, we are poised to disrupt current trends in a dramatic way.

What We Do

Aquiline drones are primarily autonomous with real-time control and dynamic on-field decision making capabilities. Driven by AD Cloud, a dedicated hybrid-cloud services platform, our solutions provide increased applicability across industries and environments. More significantly, we can lower the technical threshold for ownership, which is expected to result in a dramatic rise in drone flight density.

Why Now?

The US Department of Transportation (DoT) and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) have laid out a roadmap for the future of drones; full integration of UAVs into the most complex airspaces, allowing UAVs to operate alongside manned aircraft, using many of the same standards and safety protocols. This integration is a phased approach, with increasingly more complex operations in the near future.

Key Partnerships

Aquiline is building an ecosystem of engineering, IT and manufacturing capabilities by forging key relationships with innovators and suppliers. Aerospace compliant processes for software, hardware manufacturing and systems integration, along with best-in-class mission capabilities are being planned and designed.


Intelligent drones for a smart planet

5G connectivity, battery technologies and new materials are powering the rise of autonomous machines, especially in the industrial sectors. Discover how these breakthroughs are leveraging IoT, cloud and AI to fulfill their promise.

Get Started

Enterprise solutions are tailored for each customer with industry-specific features and capabilities. To get started, contact AD and tell us about what you’re looking for and we’ll arrange an exclusive remote presentation for you with solution options.

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