AD Life-critical delivery

On-demand and planned life-critical deliveries of medical payloads and emergency supplies by utilizing cloud based intelligent logistics and autonomous UAV operations. AD offers a complete solution framework for short distance, low weight payload delivery.

How it works

A virtual environment brings organ donors, critical medical providers, and a logistics framework together, providing a seamless one-stop-shop for life-critical cargo.

There are two groups of services. On-demand, emergency services and pre-determined routes. A cloud based platform connects the various suppliers with customers. Intelligent scheduling and flight dispatching allow users to select the best options in terms of timing and costs.

For pre-determined routes, localized charging station are built into the architecture, allowing for continuous operations. Drone collect cargo from one spot, say a pharmacy. They deliver the cargo to a nearby hospital (within a ten mile radius). The drones charge up at the hospital on a local charging station, before going off on another supply run.

Intelligent logistics

Cloud connected drones, flying autonomously on pre-determined flight paths are poised to transform logistics. AD offers small payload deliveries for life-critical services by leveraging its cloud data management and drone ecosystem, to ensure safe and compliant drone delivery services.

  Solution highlights

Organ delivery

Just in the US, twenty people die every day while waiting for a transplant. A ‘delivery-on-demand’ service for life-critical cargo can bring substantial efficiencies to this process.

Pharmaceutical delivery

The most common application for this use case is last mile deliveries between pharmacies and large clients such as hospitals, nursing homes and hospice care facilities.

Emergency delivery

On-demand emergency services include small payload medical and water supplies to inaccessible locations, in the aftermath of an accident or natural calamity.

Water rescue

Life preservers and other aids can be sent to people in distress at sea or near the shoreline. Cutting response time by a few seconds, can mean the difference between life and death.


The smart payload


A smart cargo bay provides logistical transparency for sensitive payloads:

  • Live payload video feed
  • Live temperature, pressure, humidity
  • Blockchain option
  • Live telemetry data

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