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Reaching new heights with the efficacy of power-washing and painting drones

Our technology and industry expertise delivers market-leading soft-wash and high-pressure spraying solutions for washing and painting with drones.

Benefits of drone spraying

Lower costs

Building owners benefit from decreased expenses. No more lifts, ladders, or scaffolding are needed. There is also less cost for wages, benefits, and training.

Save time

Set up time for your spraying drones is a fraction of traditional methods. Plus, you get more coverage in less time because of superior efficiency.

Increase precision

Challenging areas are easily accessible. Access difficult to reach places with advanced drone navigation for complex environments.

Get it done right

The drones use water filtered with the reverse osmosis process. This prevents mineral-causing water spots and yields spotless results.

Helping the State of Washington with graffiti removal

Aquiline Drones has partnered with the Washington State Department of Transportation and rolled out a first-of-its-kind program to use drones to remove graffiti. These spray-painting drones are an important first step in robotic maintenance of civil infrastructure.

AD is helping Washington State clean up graffiti from its highways and bridges using state-of-the-art technology.

World-class training with industry experts

Every week, large and small power-washing, painting and facilities management companies from around the world, attend training at our Hartford, Connecticut facility and learn how to operate their drones safely and professionally.

Drone power-washing and painting appeals to ALL generations and is definitely the best small and large business idea of this century!

A wide range of applications

AD industry experts in spray washing and painting have optimmized and perfected  the operational procedures required to achieve successful outcomes for customers in a wide range of applications, across a number of industries.

 Notable applications include:

  • Roof washing and gutter cleaning
  • Graffiti removal 
  • Solar panel washing
  • Roof and home inspections
  • Ice removal
  • Window washing – homes and small buildings
  • Spraying and fumigating of pesticides for pests i.e., ticks, mosquitoes, wasp nests, etc.
  • Seeding and fertilizing lawns, farms and golf courses
  • Sterilization of stadiums, streets, and other outdoor facilities
  • Spray-painting large factory interiors and exteriors

Battle-tested for over fifteen years 

SBP Agreement

Unprecedented service level includes equipment, training, maintenance and tech support.

High and low pressure systems

High pressures are used on rugged industrial surfaces such as storage tanks, bridges, wind turbines, etc. A soft-wash technique uses chemmical solutions and soap to clean solar panels, roofs, windows and exterior walls.

Used by global brands

Our expertise is based on conducting worldwide operations on facilities owned by global brands.

Industry-specific Training and Support

Ensure optimal practices and successful outcomes. Businesses can choose to focus on one or more scenarios.

The Spartacus Endure spraying drone

A powerful multi-rotor aircraft with complete accessories for low-pressure and high pressure spraying, making it an ideal tool for spray washing residential, commercial and industrial surfaces.

A versatile pumping system with advanced chemical mixing is tethered to the drone via a liquid supply line, enabling efficient and continuous spraying flights tailored for each cleaning job.

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