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Nation’s first drone-on-demand mobile app


Aquiline Drone-on-Demand is a streamlined drone ordering system for consumer and commercial UAV services. Free download on the App Store and Google Play.


How it works

Download the iOS or Android version of the app on your device. Sign up and start using it. You begin by requesting a drone service. Provide information about the job request on the app, including job type, address and date – and submit the request on the app.

Our AD experts will evaluate your request and pair you with an appropriate drone operator in your area who has the expertise to provide a high quality and safe service.

The drone service is performed by the operator under the ADoD umbrella, ensuring mission safety and a successful outcome. With expectations met or exceeded, you may rate the operator after the job is complete.

ADoD highlights

Our centralized operations control room. View your operations map and vital metrics, drill down into any operation, manage personnel and aircraft, with one click access to key areas of C2 management.

Download the Drone on Demand app


For iPads and iPhones.


For android devices.

Get Started

Download the Aquiline Drone-on-Demand app from the App Store or Google Play. Once installed on your device, sign up for an AD Cloud account at no cost. That’s it. You can start using the app to request drone jobs.

Each request will open a new thread of communications with AD experts who will precisely determine your job requirements and match you with a local operator.

Reach out to AD experts

Reach out to us at:

1 860 361 7958