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Building a smart farming industry by harnessing the power of cloud and drones. AD offers a complete solution framework, where a convergence of technologies and services provides unprecedented outcomes for agricultural operations.


How it works

This solution contain a group of capabilities based on different objectives. Each objective utilizes a unique drone-sensor payload combination and data analytics module. Objectives include crop health, fruit counting, farm surveying, animal health, herd management, livestock counting and irrigation optimization. There are active applications as well, such as crop spraying and seed sowing.

The centralized control room is capable of organizing and analyzing all types of data. Some processing capabilities are available integrated on the cloud, such as fruit counting. Others, like crop health, need more customization and are tailored for each customer and environment.

A sky and land alliance

Farms increasingly rely on technology to manage the unpredictable aspects of crop and herd management. However, many tasks are still done manually, wasting valuable resources. AD Smart Farming increases automation and eliminates guesswork by utilizing robust data management and analysis.

  Solution highlights

Livestock management

Drone technology is an ideal tool for obtaining insights into herd whereabouts, sizes and conditions. Also used to assess animal health to proactively treat pain, injury and illness.

Crop health

The early detection of plant stress is crucial in preventing losses. The solution employs multispectral and LIDAR payloads to measure relevant indexes on a periodic basis.

Active missions

Specialized drones are the perfect tool for spraying for disease, weed and pest control, by spreading micro granular pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. AD can provide the Part 137 license for this solution.

Orchard management

Use mapping drones and specialized software to obtain highly accurate yield estimations, monitor growth curves, assess pruning requirements and get informed revenue forecasts.


Mixing data on the cloud for desired     outcomes


Specialized agricultural drones can map fields and orchards in detail, provide real-time data on plant health, vastly improve spraying efficiency, autonomously monitor livestock operations, support advanced irrigation systems, and much more..

The ability for farmers to extract valuable insights, however, is still a challenge. By mixing data from other sources with drone data, the solution can facilitate decision-making and improve the farmer’s bottomline.

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