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Crowd Counting

Count people in photos and videos. Structured applications include crowd estimates in large events and crowd flow metrics in interior and exterior spaces.

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Fruit counting

Count a variety of common fruits such as apples, pears and oranges. Structured application is an orchard yield estimate, obtained from drone data across the growth cycle.

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Livestock Counting

Count herd livestock such as cows, sheep and goats. Structured application is a herd estimate from video data. Support for wild herds will be added on a species to species basis.

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Land Surveying

Produce 3D maps and terrain models using the Pix4D Engine. Integrated dashboard experience for a structured surveying application, utilizing geo-tagged drone data.

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Oil And Gas Inspection

Service is trained to inspect damage and anomalies in linear oil and gas assets such as pipelines, using images and video from electro-optical and thermal cameras.

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E & U Inspection

Service is trained to inspect damage and anomalies in linear electrical transmission infrastructure, using images and video from electro-optical, thermal and UV (corona) cameras.

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Service is trained to inspect damage and anomalies in transmission towers, using images and video from electro-optical and thermal cameras.

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Exterior Security

Service is trained to detect line intrusion from electro-optical and thermal data. Usually a real-time application, it requires video, and is trained for people, animals and vehicles.

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What's in the box?

Deep Learning AI

AD Analytics uses a modular cognitive system to extract deep insights, often in real-time, from assets, operational data and external sources. Based on artificial neural networks, it has the ability to continuously learn from usage.

Machine Vision

Machine Vision is the ability of an AI to recognize objects visually. The AI is trained for specific scenarios and becomes proficient with usage, as data experience increases. Each scenario becomes a ‘skill’ learnt by the AI.

Counting and visual recognition

The core applications for Machine Vision include counting and visual recognition of objects. The analysis is based on the specific learning model the AI is trained for – for example detecting road traffic.

Intrusion detection

A composite Machine Vision skill, intrusion detection relies upon recognizing a range of targets, including people, animals and vehicles. This skill is often used in exterior surveillance and security scenarios.

Freestyle and structured approaches

Counting can be utilized in two distinct ways. The AI can be asked to do an ad-hoc or ‘freestyle’ count based on the images or videos. Or, it can be a structured count, where double-counting is removed by supplying additional metadata such as GPS coordinates. This method is used for orchard yield estimates, livestock tracking and so on.

Real-time video analysis

Counting can be also be utilized in real-time. This always involves analyzing a live video stream with live alerts and annotations. Advanced tracking algorithms enable a structured approach and this technique can be used in counting crowds, estimating wildlife populations and more.

Inference models

Historical data when categorized properly, can be used to build a ‘stack’ that can be analyzed utilizing other types of Machine Learning frameworks. This comparative analysis allows the AI to extract hidden patterns from the data stack, which leads to better decision making.

Surveying and mapping using Pix4D

Based on Pix4D, this service delivers mapping and surveying outputs, including orthomosaics and elevation maps, from geo-tagged imagery. The input data must conform to the minimum standards required for surveying.

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