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An ecosystem of services come together to provide full life cycle support for your business. Driven by the cloud, and powered by AI, automation and knowledge based content, the ecosystem provides unique tools to leverage the most out of your business model.

Fight to the future

Get equipped with the right knowledge and skills to become an effective, safe and compliant professional drone pilot, including FAA Part 107 test preparation.

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Command and Control

Industry-leading drone operations management platform – and the first with cloud connected drones. Web based enterprise dashboard and drone pilot app.

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Need a drone to do a job? From videography to surveying, inspections, spraying and more, use the app to request an AD qualified drone operator for efficient, high performance service.

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Cloud and Data Service

Digital production and cloud based software services for businesses. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge app or web portal based solution, you’ve come to the right place.

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Spartacus Endure

A high performance spraying multi-rotor, capable of carrying a tank or be tethered to a ground supply. With low and high pressure versions, and franchise bundle option.

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Drone Engeneering

Multi-rotor aircraft incubation and development in Hartford, CT. Our engineering division specializes in precision integration of drones and accessories for current and next generation applications.

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MRO and Add-ons

Our qualified technicians in Hartford, CT offer full service support for all the hardware you purchase from AD. Multiple MRO plans, drone insurance, on-site support and more.

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Highlighted services

Flight to the Future

A powerful app for drone pilots that allows their drone to pair to the cloud for real-time situational awareness and data storage. Multiple pilots across the country can send real-time data through their apps to a centralized control room powered by AD Command and Control.

Command and Control

AD Command and Control is a cloud based, drone traffic and operations management service with a centralized virtual control room, on-field pilot app and LTE enabled drone and sensor payload integration.

C2 Pilot

Retool for the future: Start a drone business. From drone pilot training to FAA certification, equipment and drone pilot job opportunities, Flight to the Future sets you up for a successful business.

Drone on Demand

Nation’s first drone-on-demand mobile app. Aquiline Drone-on-Demand is a streamlined drone ordering system for consumer and commercial UAV services. Free download on the App Store and Google Play.

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