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Customized SaaS solutions, data driven web portals, mobile apps, data management, API integration and high quality content creation services come together to deliver world class software for enterprises.


How it works

The starting point for any software solution is the digital backbone – the cloud infrastructure. You may choose a public cloud, or install a private cloud in an exclusive or hybrid configuration. This allows for a virtualized software delivery approach, which is essential for scalability and evolution.

Then comes the data center, where data is categorized and stored. For performance reasons, the data center needs to communicate efficiently with the cloud components, and is usually part of the cloud services portfolio.

 With the digital infrastructure in place, the cloud computing environment is set up. This can be a purely compute environment, and/or a specialized GPU based architecture for Machine Learning scenarios.

Finally, there is the service layer, which are the tangible deliverables to businesses. This usually involves web based portals or enterprise dashboards, and mobile/tablet apps.


Software and data services portfolio

We have a full service software delivery division, which senior talent in global teams across four continents. No project is a challenge, and we are committed to deliver outcomes which exceed customer expectations.

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