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Industry leading platform for cloud connected drone operations


AD Command and Control (C2) is a cloud based, drone traffic and operations management tool with a centralized virtual control room, on-field pilot app and LTE enabled drone and sensor payload integration. With built-in AD Analytics services, it is the industry leading platform for cloud.


How it works

LTE communications allow the on-field pilots to connect their drone and sensor data to the cloud. As the drone mission is executed, data is relayed to the cloud in near real-time.

The data is processed and stored on the cloud and provides situational awareness to the operations manager who can view it from any geographic location.

The enterprise level control room provided by C2 features fleet management, which allows UAS providers to conduct missions across the country in a unified and seamless manner.

C2 Highlights

C2 Home screen Active view: video mode Flight archives Adding a mission to an operation Mission details Flight details

C2 Home screen

Your centralized operations control room. View your operations map and vital metrics, drill down into any operation, manage personnel and aircraft, with one click access to key areas of C2 management.

Active view: video mode

All connected drone flights relay live telemetry and video data back to the control room. Use the Active view in C2 to access one or more live drone feeds from anywhere in the country.

Flight archives

A vital component of C2, is data management – categorization and storage. Users can access both live streamed data, and manually uploaded, post-mission data. Filter by flight, mission, aircraft or pilot, to get one click access to your vital drone data.

Adding a mission to an operation

A mission occurs within your operations volume. It includes the pilot ID and a data and time value, which together with the operational volume, provide a complete data set for FAA LAANC authorization. Multiple missions can be added at any time to an operation.

Mission details

One of the more important views in C2 – the mission details screen. Here you can see all the information relevant to a drone mission, such as address, date, time, pilot, aircraft and number of flights. C2 also manages mission states, providing the right actions for users, based on FAA regulations and guidelines.

Flight details

The flight details screen in C2 relays vital on-field flight information to the control room. These include the flight path, telemetry data, video feed and other flight parameters such as parent mission, aircraft and so on. C2 also manages flight states and is able to provide a seamless experience for both manual and automated flights.

A complete flight control and traffic management system with integrated FAA data

Harness the power of connectivity to get complete situational awareness. AD C2 operations dashboard, AD C2 Pilot and AD cloud connected drones form a triad that make up the C2 ecosystem – the most advanced and versatile drone mission platform in the market. And, it integrates with AD Analytics to process drone data and provide seamless outcomes for drone businesses.

Get Started

AD C2 platform is available in beta version. Follow the link below to sign up and get started with AD C2 operations management. AD C2 Pilot is available for Android devices on Google Play. To experience the full power of the AD C2 ecosystem, you’ll also need an AD cloud connected drone.

Have a question about AD C2? Reach out to AD experts and tell us about the kind of drone applications you are interested in doing, and we’ll match you with the best possible aircraft option.

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