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Empower your organization with a real methodology for transforming business processes, using drones, cloud technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).

 Drone Spraying

Best-in-class soft-wash and high-pressure spraying franchise solution. Includes high performance cleaning drone, pump, sprayer and accessories, training, insurance and MRO.

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 Smart Cities

Improve efficiencies in urban processes with the latest drone and cloud technologies, along with big data analysis using specialized AI frameworks.

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 Energy and utilities

Inspect your power grid assets efficiently with connected drones, and analyze drone data for better maintenance and reduced downtime.

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Unified management of a group of solutions that harness the power of cloud, AI and drones to take care of your farming needs.

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Remote situational awareness and life-saving insights with real-time AI assistance for fire assessment, search and rescue, and more.

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 Life-critical delivery

Drones are ideal for more effective medical response, providing unprecedented remedies in short distance medical deliveries.

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 Oil and gas inspection

Scan oil and gas pipelines with high endurance connected drones, which can significantly reduce maintenance costs.

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Inspect cell towers with connected drones, and analyze drone data for better maintenance and improved ROI.

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 Surveying and Mapping

Create benchmark assets using surveying drones and Pix4D capabilities integrated within your operations dashboard.

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  Border security

High endurance drones, smaller multi-rotors and the latest surveillance technologies with AI assistance for continuous monitoring.

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 Exterior security

Connected drones with the latest surveillance technologies tandem with cloud-based AI Machine Vision for foolproof security.

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What's in the box?

Cloud based ops management

AD Command and Control (C2) is a drone operations management system, tailored for cloud connected UAVs, and is accessible via a web-based enterprise dashboard.

Customized pilot app

AD C2 Pilot is a mobile app for drone pilots and allows pairing of cloud connected UAVs to AD C2, for real-time flight data relay and mission management.

Integrated industry-specific data analytics

AD Analytics is ‘Data analysis as a Service’ and accessible via a web-based enterprise dashboard. Select a service based on your application scenario and analyze any type of drone or sensor data.

Range of connected drones and payloads

In the under 55 pounds range, AD offers several in-house and third party drones for use in enterprise solutions. Accessories include electro-optical and thermal sensors, sprayers and cargo bays.

All-weather charging stations

Several ground charging station models are available, based on which aircraft is using this accessory. Stations are hard wired to a power source and optionally offer all weather configurations for 24/7 operations.

Flight training and ground school

AD Flight to the Future is the industry-leading online training course for FAA Part 107 certification and more. AD Flight Operations offers basic and industry-specific, in-person flight training to certified candidates.

Maintenance, engineering and tech support

Located in Hartford, CT. AD offers full maintenance and repair services, along with extended warranty plans, drone insurance, technical support and more.

Autonomous mode available for some solutions

Customized AD C2 versions for industry, allow for autonomous mission planning, scheduling and flight dispatching. Emergency features include centralized abort and manual override.

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Enterprise solutions are tailored for each customer with industry-specific features and capabilities. To get started, contact AD and tell us about what you’re looking for and we’ll arrange an exclusive remote presentation for you with solution options.

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